Solar Fundraiser

From Hammer & Bell Energy Company

A renewable fundraiser for your organization

Align your energy spend and core values, with a Solar Array for your nonprofit!

Our innovative model allows community members to directly fund their organization's solar transition!

We designed this program to be EASY

Our program structures the purchase through a partnership, allowing tax credits to flow to individuals maximizing contributions.  We work with you on every step, from designing the array, to fundraising, installation, and interconnection.  Hammer & Bell handles the paperwork, and have a licensed CPA prepare all tax forms.

We work with you on every step

Feasibility analysis > System design > Fundraising > Installation > Interconnection

Make your building green, Start saving today with solar energy!

Offset the cost of your electricity with solar energy!

A onetime financial investment generates a lifetime of financial benefit!

Promote the adoption of renewables in your community!

Resonate your Impact.


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