Solar Fundraiser

From Hammer & Bell Energy Company

A renewable fundraiser for your organization

Align your energy spend and core values, with a Solar Array for your nonprofit!

Our innovative model allows community members to directly fund their organization's solar transition!

  • Take advantage of all Federal, State, and Local Incentives

  • Eliminate or reduce electric bills for 30+ years

  • Transfers ownership to organization for long term savings

  • Directly contribute to sustainable energy

  • Bring the community together in sustainable action

We designed this program to be EASY

Our program structures the purchase through a partnership, allowing tax credits to flow to individuals maximizing contributions. We work with you on every step, from designing the array, to fundraising, installation, and interconnection. Hammer & Bell handles the paperwork, and have a licensed CPA prepare all tax forms.

We work with you on every step

Feasibility analysis > System design > Fundraising > Installation > Interconnection

Make your building green, Start saving today with solar energy!

Offset the cost of your electricity with solar energy!

A onetime financial investment generates a lifetime of financial benefit!

Promote the adoption of renewables in your community!

Resonate your Impact.


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