Landlord Tenant PPA

Earn additional Income from your Investment Property!

Welcome the future of solar investing with a landlord PPA, powered by Hammer & Bell Energy Company.

Earn additional income while capitalizing on your investment, let Hammer & Bell Energy Company show you the future of solar power.

With a landlord PPA:

We make solar Simple!

  • Landlords sell discounted electricity to their tenants during daylight hours.

  • HBC installs solar panels, meters the solar electricity, bills the tenant, and transfers payment to the landlord.

  • Landlords enjoy a new income stream, increasing the value of their property.

  • Tenants can negotiate their electric rates.

Sustainable buildings rent FASTER





Hammer & Bell Energy Company makes it easy for tenants to save with solar energy. By working with landlords to generate renewable Solar Energy on their investment properties. Our solar specialists maximize savings leveraging our one of a kind “Landlord Tennant Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)”. Our unique approach works to maximize available incentives providing maximum value.