Power your business

From the sun

Let us meet your energy needs from the sun!

Add battery back to keep your business running in an outage.

The current tax credit and technology advances, we can covert your energy bill to a solar refund check or change your energy payments into equity as the panels produce your energy. With decades of experience installing and servicing PV systems, Hammer & Bell co is happy to offer an unbeatable price on all home and residential sales and installation.

The Federal Tax Credit allows you to deduct 22 percent of the cost installing a solar energy system from your federal taxes.

Federal Tax Credit also known as the Federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC) and other Incentive values are for informational purposes only. We have CPA's on staff to review tax and financial information prior to credit processing.

The study Berkeley Labs study - Selling Into the Sun: Price Premium Analysis - concluded solar adds ~$4 per Watt in value to property.

Now is the time to swing the hammer and show the world you support a renewable tomorrow! Please reach out today for pricing and lead times for your home!

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