Solar is light. Community is built on Energy.

The sun is the greatest FREE energy source available to us on earth today. Powered by Clean.Tech we hope to harness that energy and bring it to our community in the most economic way possible. Help us change the world as we work to secure your clean energy future. Make the change to a renewable life!

The current tax credit and technology advances, we can covert your energy bill to a solar refund check or change your energy payments into equity as the panels produce your energy. With decades of experience installing and servicing PV systems, Hammer & Bell co is happy to offer an unbeatable price on all home and residential sales and installation.

Now is the time to ring the bell and show the world you support a renewable tomorrow! Please reach out today for pricing and lead times for your residential or commercial project. We are hoping to help every client take advantage of the 26% renewable energy credit. Call 717-884-8831 or fill out our contact form below.

Coming soon!!! : invest in your community's green energy future! Hammer & Bell Energy LP!

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