Geothermal heating is the most Efficient form of heat. Similar to the popular heat pump the Geothermal heat pump uses the constant temperature of the Earth as an energy source. This allows us to match the exact BTUs specify to your homes needs making sure your Geothermal heat pump will keep your home at the prefect temperature. Before installation we perform a compete scientific heat loss analysis to determine your homes exact needs on the hottest and coldest days. By calculating your homes heat loss we are able to appropriately size the system for peak performance even in the coldest weather*. With long life expectancy and less frequent maintenance requirements Geothermal heating and cooling allows homes to maximize their energy dollar with fewer service calls and lower operating costs. When paired with our home solar systems it becomes an instant success.

*Geothermal heat pumps use the ground not the air so when traditional heat pumps are not efficient and sometimes fail on cold days. The ground is a constant 59 degrees where as the air fluctuates in Temperature.

Normal heating systems usually waste energy by heating way too hot. Additionally, you have two separate systems that could break go wrong or require maintenance and replacement. Worry about your homes HVAC for the last time with a Geothermal system from hammer and bell.

New construction or retrofitting an existing home our solutions meet your needs.

No matter the size of your area, we take advantage of your property to deploy the most efficient system. Learn more


Excellent for small spaces vertical loop systems allow geothermal installations in almost any location. Vertical loops are also utilized in large capacity commercial projects.

Horizonal (Slinky)

When land is more ample horizonal loop or slinky systems can be deployed. These systems can often dual purpose and manage snow melt in addition to build heating and cooling.


Water systems are the most economical option removing the drilling cost associated with traditional ter we are able to start cooling from a chillier process in the summer and a much more consistent temperature in the winter. This allows us to fine tune our equipment for optimum heat temperature. Water deployments often have much lower

Pools, dehumidifiers, hot tubs, snowmelt, and more can be incorporated for maximum return!

No matter the size our solution can work for you!

0 - 2 Bedrooms

Small nimble installations with creative energy solutions are our Specialty. With smaller system size comes smaller drilling requirements, bringing down the cost dramatically changing the formula bringing return sooner in addition to ALL the excellent environment savings over that time!

1 - 5 Bedrooms

Our favorite size to equip a prefect opportunity to maximize flow rates and bring the most from the bores. By properly sizing and insulating your home we will work to ensure every foot of drilling is utilized providing MAXIMUN return on your energy upgrade.

4 + Bedrooms

Larger installations require more pipe to transfer heat. These systems, like all sizes, are precisely engineered to ensure comfort and maximize space. When installed properly large systems see the greatest payback as the spend reduction is the greatest. Factoring in the environmental savings it becomes the only decision.

50+ year life cycle on equipment in home has been achieved by early adaptors while 150+ year life of ground loop has rarely been proven incorrect.

Commercial projects please inquire below.

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